Welcome to the website of Justin Roseveare Healing Centre. The Centre is a dedicated space to bring Change, Healing and Transformation through my many varied Healing Techniques, Workshops, Classes and Services

Also available are Clairvoyant Readings where I can gain insight into every aspect of your life, guiding you forwards and on to the correct path of your destiny.

Please feel free to take a look at the different Services that I can provide. If confused or indecisive of which Service would benefit you then please Contact Me.

Life is forever changing and we are all moving forward and with this in mind you will find that the Healing Centre and website are constantly evolving and expanding.

Also please scroll through the Shop where you will find many products to aid with your Health and Wellbeing.

With Much Love, Light and Blessings

Justin xx


Latest News

Energy Healing Diploma - Course Commences May 2018

You will learn and experience how to become an Energy Healer or how to advance on your skills as an Energy Healer. A unique opportunity to bring profound change, working through the body’s natural energetic centres, subtle energy bodies and from onMore...

Manifesting Money- 3 Day Workshop

We are all here to thrive in all areas of our lives. We were not put on this earth to struggle or suffer. YOU have to understand that YOU are in control of your thoughts. Therefore, YOU are the creator of everything that YOU want and desire. Once More...